Food,,my Enemy

someone asked me why I am a compulsive eater,,,what does it mean
well this is it ,,in short

its actully a psychologocal disorder, that basiclly stems back to early childhood, but I wont go into that,,,compulsive / binge eating, is generally a response to stress, emotional issues, depression ect, that cause one to fill the horrible pain they feel inside, the best way they know how, which is food, so yes, we tend to overeat, when we are not hungry , do it to the point where we are sick,,and are just basiclly out of control ina dsperate attempt to make the pain go away,,it is all consuming, it effects everything, and then you have to deal with the obvious effects of such behaviour, eg weight gain, which in itself, brings more shame, feeling outcast ect which starts a whole other set of issues and triggers,,its a horrible, horrible cycle,,not unlike severe drug addiction,,most people dont really comprehend the seriousness of it, as they think, oh, its only food,,,yet I have the scars to prove its just as devestating,..

So to all the judgemental ***** out there whoz lives are seemingly stright out of the brady bunch,,how about you pull your head out of your ***, and try for 1 second to realise the reasons,,,,,b4 you cast your self righteous bullshit,,no one wants to hear.........
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I feel you!