Mommys Girly Boy

I perched on my bed picking out a black sheer stocking to wear, arching my feet i gently rolled up the soft silky nylons over my smooth legs. They felt so pretty and feminine as i smoothed them, i was wearing thigh hi hold ups with lace tops. Sitting in my light pink bra and panties with lace edges i felt absolutely girly and feminine, running my hands sensually over my stockinged leg i stood up and walked to my vanity where i proceeded to do my make up. I would sometimes borrow mum’s make up, nail polish, lipstick etc. She was very supportive of my dressing, with just the two of us living in the house it was like two girls in the house. I chose heavy make up for my eyes and a pink lipstick i slipped on a robe and sashayed over to mum’s room i needed to borrow her heels. “hi mum, i need to borrow your heels” i cooed. Rolling her eyes she said “oh if it isn’t my little girlie” she teased, “sure honey which one, try the black pumps with the 4 inch heels”. “Thanks mommy” i said and gave her hand a squeeze. I took the heels and began to try them they fit very well and accentuated my stockinged legs. “you look great sweetie, you should wear the short black dress with those” she said. “I was planning on the pencil skirt and blouse, but i’ll try the black number too, can i borrow your pearl necklace mommy dear?” “sure my sweet girlie, isn’t it nice to be a girl” she said and got me the necklace and put it on for me “you get to wear all my clothes, heels and jewellery” she teased i stuck my toungue out “well atleast you get a daughter in exchange” i teased and we giggled.
The doorbell rang and mommy went and opened it, it was my cousin sister. She was a few years older and married, we were best friends. We hugged and kissed and went to my room sitting on the bed arm in arm huddled together we were like two girls gossiping. She and her husband were in the neighbourhood and she had dropped in to say hi. We talked giggling and she teased me as to how girlish i looked, but pretty.  Mommy came in with some orange juice and we all sat talking about dresses and boys. My robe was showing off my legs in full glory clad in stockings and jenny my cousin commented on how lovely they looked, later me and jenny got up hand in hand we pranced up putting on a fashion show for mommy when steve, jenny’s handsome husband came in. We kissed and he propped himself beside mommy and watched us posing and strutting around in our sexy clothes. We kissed him and blew kisses for the complements he was a gentleman among the ladies.
 to be continued
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Your stories bring back so many wonderful early memories, thank you for posting them. Please add me, I think we share many similar life experiences if you read a few of my stories. TTFN

Sounds like you and your mom get along.
That's a good thing. And she call you her girly as well.
That's Cool!

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