I'll be writing about my best friend "s" She's a 21 year old milf, & my best friend. She's 5'1 130 pounds. Puerto Rican. Size d boobs, & a nice big ***. Her foot size is 7. Ok, so I never knew girls' feet could smell bad. I always thought girls pride themselves on being clean. In July 2012, me & her watched "the amazing Spider-Man"together. She had just gotten up work, she wore these really beat up black flats to work everyday. She was a cashier so she did a lot of standing. & it was hot outside, the perfect storm for what happens. We go to watch the movie. Halfway through the movie she said "I'm gonna take me shoes off." I didn't think anything of it. A couple of minutes later, I smell something, that I thought was me. I smelled my breath, it wasn't me. I thought maybe, it was the theatre, no. Then, I look at a very white sole right, in the other seat. I couldn't believe it. It was her feet. (Honestly, I'm kinda turned on by this, & kinda disgusted) anyways, that smell, oh my goodness. It smelt like vinegar. That smell was so strong, I started tearing up. I never knew a girl could smell so bad. I politely asked her "you really have your shoes off?" She said "yeah, I like to feel comfortable." Since, it's my friend, I didn't want to call her out on it, & was never gonna tell her. She actually moved her feet a little bit, & there was a couple in front of us. I feared that they would smell her vinegar feet. To my knowledge, she never said anything about the smell.( later on she said,"I told you, I'm taking my shoes off, even if they stink.") the smell was so strong..even when her feet was Bare on the floor you could smell it. The whole time, I'm trying to concentrate on the good movie, turned on because her feet are out, & I have a foot fetish, & loving & hating the smell of her feet. In December, I actually bright this up. & that introduced a new storyline. More to come soon...thanks for reading.
Raterrsuperstar Raterrsuperstar
Jan 13, 2013