Angelic Feet

I have an epic foot fetish and there is one female whose feet are literally driving me crazy. I cannot go a moment without thinking of it. Those who may read this post may call me weird and be judgemental as like but I will always be who and what I am. My cousin is now thirty years old and she has the most beautiful feet I have ever seen. It so delightful just to look at and on many occassions I have secretly taken pictures of her feet. There was also the time when I peeped at her feet through a tiny hole and ***********. I might seem helpless but all I can think of is kissing and licking my cousins feet and only dream of ******* her feet, though I know it will never happen. If there are any females with nice feet please reach out as I will be beyond happy to compliment you on the beauty of your feet
feetseeker feetseeker
18-21, M
Jan 20, 2013