Foot Slave Cuckold

I am a personal foot slave for a beautiful young lady and her boyfriends. It started with my giving her pedicures and foot massages and has developed into a very kinky relationship. As time went on , Debbie started telling whichever guy she was dating at the time that she had an obedient foot slave , she would talk on the phone with one of her stud boyfriends while I was on the floor in front of her , painting her toenails or licking her feet. She would describe what I was doing in detail for him , and sometimes humiliate me by ordering me to bark like a dog for him over the phone. Eventually she wanted to have me over when her boyfriend was there , so I could serve both of them and they could have me wait on them , cook their meals , run out to pick up carry out food or just make me kneel on the floor at their feet and wait for my next command. It was very frustrating for me to watch this gorgeous woman kissing her boyfriend and cuddling with him right in front of me , knowing all the while that I would never experience the pleasure of ******* her. I cannot begin to describe the shame and humiliation I felt the first time she ordered me to take off his shoes and socks and kiss his feet and lick in between his toes while they were making out. Now I am a personal servant for both of them ; I give pedicures to both of them , starting out with a long , leisurely foot massage for each of them , then I file their toenails , paint her nails with nail enamel and his with clear coat , and follow it up by licking and kissing the soles of their feet for hours while they watch movies and make out.
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mmmmmm...very hot...hope she makes you post some pics of you doing it too! lol

get a life you over 40

You are so good obedient slave.
I love to watch a pathetic slave,best if he is a sissy,
licking the feet and sucking the toes of a woman
that blows me deep.
Love the time that the sissy ***** licking from her feet
and toes my hot ***
and then sucks good her cummed ***** till she got a good ******.
Be sure, as you are licking she is immagine of me and my hard ****
in her mouth

I am also a foot licking cuckold, I am forced to lick feet too, they make me clean their feet when they are really dirt and sweaty. they walk around barefoot then make me clean their filthy soles with my tongue. they laugh at how pathetic and worthless I am and make me thank them for licking dirt and sweat from their feet

that's really really hot!<br />
i'd love to have someone like you for me and my gf

Im in the uk, I would love to lick both of your feet while you relax

i'm in the uk as well! pm me