The Best Bug Crush Experience I Have Ever Had!

I have a strange story. there's a lady who runs a hot dog stand near me. it's parked in a vacant lot and she's there all summer long. never really noticed her before but 1 day she was sitting outside barefoot. for some reason I was drawn there like a moth to a flame. her feet were awesome. she was an older lady probably in her early to mid fifty's. Her feet were tan and wide with flat soals. she had a toe ring on each foot and ankle bracelet on one. So I bought a water or something and started talking to her.. very nice lady. I couldn't get her feet out of my mind, they were awesome. A day or so went by and she was out barefoot again. I could not resist I had to stop and try to find something for her to crush. my plan was just to drop it near her feet and have her crush it unknowingly. I didn't care what it was! I was looking for bugs, worms salamanders, frogs anything. I found a large worm. that would have to do! I returned and dropped the worm where I thought she would step on it. she was wearing nice old flip flops that were very old. she walked around doing chores very happy to see me or to have some company but never stepped on the worm. I was getting desperate! I saw a spider in a web near the bottom of her hot dog cart. it was a pretty fat thick one. I flicked it on the ground and pointed it out by saying eeeeww, what is that bug? she walked over to it, I could hear gravel crushing under each step. she stood right in front of the spider with both of her feet together, sort of bent at the knees looking at the spider. I was thinking ok please please please step on it... she said oh it's just a spider, then stepped on it in her stride as she walked away and gave it a little bit of a twist and said he's gone! I almost exploded!! I was mesmerized by the sound of the crunching gravel under her feet and thinking that spider was just under there. I almost couldn't contain myself, but I continued small talk acting like I gotta get going... then I said you have another customer, joking about the worm... she walked over again, she looked at the warm with her wide flat feet toes all in a row and I was like please please please step on it in my mind. she said ahh, poor worm is half dead. and she picked up a little twig and drapes the worm over it to fling it in the weeds!! my heart was pounding I was trembling. I had to give it 1 last effort. before I left I said that poor worm is probably suffering, you should squish it. she said yeah do you think I should? she walked over to the weeds looking for the worm. my heart was pounding out of my chest my mouth was dry. she said there you are okay are you ready? to the worm! she placed her foot on him and stepped down for about 5 seconds. her feet looked even wider then. she lifted her foot and said I guess he's done. it was actually still alive, which I quickly pointed out. she said you're still alive? she stepped down on him again and raised her opposite foot. after about 5 seconds she said do you think that's good? I said no give it a little longer. we actually talked for a couple seconds, then she said let's see... that worm was flat. I mean flat!! she actually left a footprint where she was standing. it was so flat that it actually retracted back to its original shape when she stepped off of it. I said I can't believe it. it's still alive! (it was dead.) she said no way! then she said maybe the ground is too soft here and I'm not squishing it... she flicked it back into the gravel driveway and said let's try this again! she stepped on it again and ground her foot into the gravel. the worm literally disappeared into a wet spot except for about an inch of its head which was sticking out. (the worm was about 5 or 6 inches long). she said he is gone now! as she raised her foot examining what she had done. as she walked back over to her stand she stepped on the little piece of head that was remaining and gave it half of a twist as she walked away, like she had done to the spider. she was a farm girl she couldn't care less about what she had stepped on and thought nothing of it. her feet were awesome and if I was a bug I wouldn't mind being crushed by her. this is by far 1 of my best crush experiences!
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wow! this story is amazing!

i read it too much, and one day i had a dream that i am that worm and that lady put me inside her shoe and then put her foot on me and crushed me under her sole then she walked around doing chores and i was under her foot getting crushed under each step.

Thank you for the comment... I was wondering if anyone ever reads or appreciated it... That was a while ago... I have one or two (out of about 50) other experiences which I thought of posting that are compatable to that... She was pretty awesome but I'm not in that area anymore.

thank you for sharing this amazing story. i too am very happy to see that there is someone else that understands my thoughts. i like to look at women's feet, especially women in their 50 with big fat white or tan feet and short toes with pink or red paint on the toenails. i love to see little bugs getting crushed under woman's feet and i want to be a bug and live inside a woman's shoe and get crushed under her foot with each step.
if you have another amazing crush stories please post them and share them with me and with everybody who likes and appreciates majestic women feet. i too will share my crush experiences and fantasies with you :)

I only have two experiences that I posted... I hope you had the chance to read the second one as well... It's right up your ally.. That too was a couple of years ago. I won't just post anything. It has to be worthy and such that I can set the scene. I hope for the story to be as enjoyable and entertaining as the main thing that we are all waiting for...but this one is right on par with the first.