My GF Loves To Give Me Footjobs

The best footjob I got was in a Burger King! girlfriend sat across from me at a table and she put her toes up my shorts. She rubbed my balls and my **** got super hard and started to stick out my shorts. She couldn't see what she was doing, but I could and I could feel my heart racing! I tried to eat my fries like nothing was happening, but she kept doing it. Her cute toes (size 6 feet!) were rubbing up against my **** head and it felt soooooooo good! My **** was sticking straight out my short pants leg and aiming toward her. She rubbed my **** with her toes until I shot my ***. It squirted all over her toes and all over the floor below the table. It was incredible!!! To this day I love feet!! They have to be small, clean and have nice pedicure. I find myself looking at toes and fantasizing about them making my **** *** all over them. Love it!
cumonherfeet cumonherfeet
Sep 7, 2013