My Friends Feet

Hey everyone, Today my friend came round and I knew she has a bit of a foot fetish from when I have had experiences with her before. She came in and was like "look at my new ankle boots, I just got them from up town" I said are they comfy and she told me there were really nice. We went into the living room and sat on the sofa, She kept her boots on as I always wear my really soft sneakers around the house. I had one end of the sofa and she had the other. I asked if I could try on her boots because we are both size 5 feet. She said ok and put her feet on my lap. I took off one of her boots to reveal her perfect little feet. I was surprised that she was wearing them bare foot and she said to me "The boots might be a little warm and sweaty because I didn't have any socks to put on with them" (She had gone shopping not for shoes wearing her slip on shoes" I said OK took off my sneakers and slid my little feet into her boots. They were really soft warm and moist and they felt amazing. Anyway I sat there with them on and then went for a little walk up and down the room in them and they were really nice and comfy I could see why she was wearing them bare foot. Anyway, I sat back down then she quickly put her feet back onto my lap and started wiggling her toes. She smiled at me and said that he feet felt soooo good all cool and soft after being taken out of her sweaty boots. I put my hands onto one of her feet and gently started rubbing it softly. She sat there looking at me and said "I hope your little feet are going to keep my boots nice and warm, I don't want to put my feet back into a cold pair" I replied by taking off one of her boots and putting my foot on her tummy, She put her hands on it and said "wow those are so nice and warm and moist, keep them in my boots :P" so I put her boot back on. I carried on massaging her pretty little feet for about 20 minutes all the time my feet snug and warm in her boots. I even went as far as kissing her soft little soles and licking between her toes :) She totally loved it as well I am so happy I have found someone to enjoy my fetish with :D I took my feet out of her boots and licked my soft soles as she put her boots back on. I saw up her skirt a little and saw a small damp patch on the crotch of her leggings. I didn't say anything though just in case it embarrassed her. I too was very moist around my kitty as well lol. I put my sneakers back on and we just sat there occasionally looking at each other and giggling about what had just happened :P It was wonderful.

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5 Responses Nov 29, 2011

What a great story. I would have kissed and nibbled those size fives too. Mmm, nothing pretty as a woman's foot.

are you both girls

great little story, did her feet smell and were you wearing socks? x

ah ok, bet they get sweaty then lol x

GOD pamper everytime i see your feet its like my heart skips a beat!

Can I worship ur feet ??? Xx