Hospital Enema

Nothing is better than a nurse giving you a enema each day you are at the hospital. Yes, I have a condition that I have to have a enema everyday. This has been all of my life. Sometimes it comes in the way of a few activities in life, like don't go on a Colorado River Trip with your work.
Anyway, when I had my knee replaced, I was given a 2 quart enema each day. In fact on morning a nurse came in and asked me if a couple of CNA's could help. I was okay with that. I could not believe it. All three was cute. Then 2 of them helped me to the toilet and also gave me a shower cleaning my behind.
Then have anyone heard of a harris flush. Me either. I had so much pain in my stomach for 4 days until they figured it out. The first day I was complaining to the nurse. She told me she could give me a harris flush if I wanted. She explained what it did and I agreed. It was like a enema, except the tube went way up and water in, then she lowered the bag and repeated it for about 1/2 hour. Each afternoon and evening my nurse would come in and perform it on me. Not only did it give me gas relief, but it gave me a sensation I could not describe.
So if you are ever in the situation. Ask for a harris flush. You will enjoy it.
rmsoftdiaper rmsoftdiaper
46-50, M
Jan 13, 2013