A Friends Mother

When I.was growing up I.had a friend his mother would cumm in her panties n.watch as i sucked em clean at the time i was 14 but her juices n ***** tasted n smelled so good I had to actualy eat it well 1 day I went over there she was asleep in her bed.n my friend was takin à shower I went in her room n noticed she was not under.blanket And she just had a Long shirt on no panties I raised the shirt up.slow n.carefully till I.could get my head in between her legs And.ate.her *****.she woke.up n asked me.what I.was.doing I.told her.from taste on her panties I had.to.eat.it well she let me.keep.eating.And next thing I knew she was putting her hand into.the.zipper part my parts n rubbing my **** my.friend had.to leave.to.practice.after.shower I.acted like.I.left n when he was gone went.back n his mom.was.laying.in.the.bed.naked I sat on.bed n then she crawled.over to me n ******** my shirt.then pants n.boxers she then.Took my virginity And when I had to.cumm she made me.shoot inside her was.awesome
Drew6969247 Drew6969247
26-30, M
1 Response Jan 14, 2013

I would probably have a heart atack from the excitement seeing a mature kitty when I was that young

Lol I knew I.wanted it anyways so went for it wish I could Have.it.again lol