Hi Kimmy

Hey Kimmy
In Kimmyland
Kimmyland is a place
I like to go
Where sun shines
And people smile
On a cold day
A visit to Kimmyland can warm your soul
There's lots of fun rides in Kimmyland
Some are scarier than others
But they are mostly fun
The shops are nice
Bright and full of Lollies
Lick them Suck them yumyum
Or you can have a Hot Dog or Ice Cream
Both taste good
A visit to Kimmyland is a nice day out
You will want to come back for more
Fun and Treats at Kimmyland
meteorite meteorite
36-40, F
3 Responses Dec 2, 2012

hehe i love this thank u girl.miss u hope u come back

Kimmyland roxs!! It is always fun to visit and stay for a while!! Kimmyland is full of laughter, hugs and loving comfort!! I LOVE KIMMYLAND!!

you're welcome and Thank YOU for being here for ME!! xo

hope u ok mom

No worries Kimmy..Love YOU! :))))

Thanks pie:)