Kimmy Is.....

Kimmy is a sweet a pie
She makes my heart soar up high
Kimmy is a kindhearted peep
She makes me laugh, until I weep
Kimmy is a rare jewel
She is just way too cool
Kimmy is my EP Kid
I would follow her all the way to Madrid!
Kimmy is full of love
I put our friendship way above
Kimmy always makes me Smile
I love how she gives advice with such style!

I Love You Kimmy with all my heart
My adoration for You is Off the Chart!!!

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3 Responses Dec 3, 2012

Another KIMMY story, wOwA wEwA .. i dont even kno her yet. She has twins perhaps. Can i just have one of them or just borrow one of Kimmys. Just for a few Years,,Cough* i meant days. Mucho Tequerros im feeling here. You guys are so sweet , Group Hugs.. )>'-')> gRoUp HuGgiEs <('-'<(

Beautiful poem for Kimmy, talented you are :)

I have to agree whole heartily. Kimmy indeed is that shiny rock that glows. :)

HUGS to you both !!!

thanks angels.. I hope kimmy likes it... she is a sweet and kind kid!!

Awesome LC!!....I LOVE it..and I Love KIMMY.

What a Beautiful Tribute to Beautiful Kimmy xx