Change Your Ways Ou Lose Your Jobs

This was once the greatest nation on Earth.

Compromise and better judgement allowed this country to become what it is today. Now we face a weakened will to be that shining city on the hill.

We are losing that beacon of hope for the world as they watch the bickering in Washington D. C. as they realize we are paralyzed helpless to be decisive.

One Party against the other gripped in the throes of passionate violence against the other ....but the violence is visited against the people of The United States and the dreams of better times ahead.


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7 Responses Feb 15, 2010

Absolutely true Asevan.....This country could fall, if for no other reason, from a lack of compromise and an abundance of arrogance and stubborness

Agreed shepherdess.!!!!!!<br />
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Sleepy.,<br />
Thankyou for standing with us<br />
<br />
CC,<br />
I agree it is serious because of the seemingly lower intelligence is driving a different revolt that has little power or influence ... the TEA party is enlisting the worst of the worst<br />
<br />
I am ashamed of Bayh

And now Evan Bayh, from Indiana, has decided he's fed yo with the politics of congress, and will not run for reelection, but whyu wait so long for letting thje people of INdiana Know.. Not a quitter like Palin, but definitley not a helo to the democratic institution. The threat if the <br />
rpublicans regaijn comgress, is a scary scenarioo, indeed.<br />

I agree with you both! Where are all the Statesman? Seems all we have left are politicians. I stand beside you.

It is incomprehensible and ghastly!!!

Thank you shepherdess...I am really fed up.<br />
Why are they making so much money and giving themselves raises and all we get from them is poor behavior and incompetence

I'll stand with you on this one too. I've had it with all the bickering, name calling, and petty gripes in Washington D.C. I think we're in real trouble. Shame on our politicians! Shame on us if we sit back and allow this to continue!!