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I Forced A Boy Into Everything

I had a male friend round my house for a while and he spilt drink down himself so I told him to go and change, so I led him upstairs into my room and pulled out a long glittery pink dress, he argued against wearing it but eventually he gav in and changed into it. I then sat him on my chair and put masking tape around his hands and legs so he couldn't move and I put lipstick, eyeshadow, eyeliner, blush, mascara, eyeliner and foundation on him, I also painted his nails are bright pink and did his hair in a bow he looked so cute and I loved doing every second of itdevil

AlexLovesYou AlexLovesYou 16-17, F 13 Responses Jun 5, 2010

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I love it when girls put makeup on me

Great story tell more.
You could that to me any time you like.

Would of been relucatant wanting more but it wud never happen to me :(

I'd love u to do this to me on a daily basis :)

Cool beans girl but wouldnt happen to me ty

Wish u had done that to me i have to do my own makeup and im awful

LOL Very well done. I hope he apprciated your hard work. LOL

Wish you had done that to me

Wouldn't mind having that happen to me and then have all her girlfriends make me clean out their girlie *** (***** filled) holes with my girlie mouth, and giggle at me!

Nice story, woulden mind that happening to me, but my boy clitty would probably get so swollen, that it would burst n my panties would be all messy, b then of course she would think that I liked it n tell all of her girlfriends, n then they all would be dressing me up, oh gosh! I would feel so ashamed of my self afterwards, n would be so embarrassed every time u saw one of the girls who did that to me n would be afraid that they would tell all their friends whT they did to me!

I have prayed for years for a lady to dress me completly as a woman

i would love a lady to make me wear a dress and all the rest of the lady clothers and the full works of make up

HAHAHAHAHA u tricked him to dress up then u trapped him with masking tape. nice 1 lol :D

haha thats hilarious my sister or anyone else has never done anything like that to me