I Was Forced To Wear Make-up

I was relaxing in my girlfriend's dorm room at college (many years ago) when her roommates decised that it would be a hoot to make up my face and do my nails. I was a collegiate swimmer and they were laughing about my "girly" hairless body. Once my nails were painted a bright pink, they threatened to send be back to the Frat house, nail polish and all if I didn't cooperate! About this time my girlfriend (wife now) came back from class and decided that I needed to be their Barbi doll for the day. I was powdered, perfumed and made-up complete with wig and then made to perform a fashion show for them with several outfits. I had to go to the cafeteria for dinner and was made to touch up my lipstick after lunch. VERY humiliating but exciting for me too. This certainly was not the last time they had fun with me! I also earned my "girl name" that day..Jennifer

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Fabulous sweetie<br />
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Ur a gay girl u should get a sex change

Thanks for your comment Sweetie. I guess I "earned" it by cooperating with my make-over. I am not certain where the name "Jennifer" came from but they said that my male name wasn't appropriate for a "girlie-girl" like me so they called me "Jennifer". The term "girlie-girl" also gives me shivers to this day. They also said that I was very pretty and they never knew a "Jennifer" who wasn't cute. It is interesting how many "online" sissies have chosen Jennifer as their name!

I'm curious. How did you 'earn' your girl name that day? Was there something special? Or was it simply that you played barbie doll for them? How was 'Jennifer' selected?

(Blush) it really was a wonderful day! Thanks for your comments Sweetie!

This is a great story! Could you please tell us about the other times you was dressed and what happened? I am sure a lot of others would love to hear about these also. Thank you, love.

Thank you Sweetie!

Great story, you r so lucky to of had this experience, n to top it off , she is now your wife, u must be getting showned off a lot as a sissy, now thAt u r married,would love to be you!

That is a BIT more than happened to me but thank you for reading my story Sweetie! kisses, jennifer

I would love to have a group of girls dress me up in sissy panties, ect. N have them laught at me, calling me a sissy, n punishing my sissy body, calling me a sissy **** sucker, n being forced to drink all the **** outa their used condoms,them forcing their ****** up my girlie bottom, n what ever else they wanted to do to me!

Sounds like... something he liked too!

Oh I absolutely loved it! Even the humiliation. They said they coundn't tell if I was blushing or they simply had but too much blush on my face )giggle)

wonderful story. I would love that but without the making fun of part. It means more to me to be accepted rather than a butt of the joke. But I guess if they laugh with you it might seem like you are a big cut up. Any time to dress is a great time.

You were so lucky to have several girls recognize the woman within and to help you bring her out. II hope you enjoyed this first step into feminine bliss.