Now Tell Me Your Sorry!

They had only been together for six months but Clyde was sure he had found one true love. Her name was Bonnie she was a waitress at the diner Clyde at breakfast at every morning. She was in her late twenties. A petite little beauty with eyes of hazel green and long beautiful brown hair any woman would be jealous of. It's what first had caught Clydes eye. The brown cascading tresses that hypnotized him every morning. That and her firm succulent ***. In her waitress outfit a sight to see. When he first started eating there he would have have have her refill his cup of coffee at least three times just so she would have to lean over to pour it offering Clyde a chance to smell that lovely hair. This went on for a week or so and one day as she was pouring she may have caught him inhaling a bit too loud because she said to him either you really like crappy coffee or is it just the smell of my hair Sugar? Now confronted by her he was not at a loss for words. It's definately the hair doll he replied with his face slightly red. He went on to ask if she had plans that night and if she would care to take in a movie that night. She looked back at him and replied "I get off at 7. They barely watched the movie that night as the two spent most most of the movie sucking face. After the date he dropped her home . He walked her to her door. Reaching his hand up running his hand through her hair down her back to her *** squeezing it hard as he pulled her close to kiss her pink lips. She responded by throwing her arms around his neck and surrendering her tongue to him. Would you like to come in for a cup of coffee she asked? Sure he replied. If we could skip the coffee as I've had way to much this week. They both laughed as she unlocked her door. In no time they were in her bedroom making love passionately promising each other the world. This went on for weeks. What Bonnie didn't know was Clyde had a jealous side. And quite a meanstreak. And more than one run in with the law. But most of all he was very pocessive of what he felt was his. And after six months he considered Bonnie beautiful hair his. Not to be touched much less looked at by any man. She could tell a bit when he got flustered when another customer would compliment her on it. One day he arrived ten minutes to seven to pick her up and saw through the diner window another man with his hand on what was his. And Bonnie smiling back at the man. Not her best idea! The diner door swung open with a crash with Clyde coming through it like a house on fire. His green eyes glowing with rage. Bonnie immediately froze as Clyde grabbed the mans hand by the wrist and broke the man arm in one swift move. He turned to her and said get into the car. Now! Without hesitation she grabbed her purse and walk out of the diner into Clyde's car. Clyde looked back at the man clutching his arm and said this time its only your arm next time your neck. No one stirred as he turned and walked out. Not before throwing a wad of money to the diners owner. For the broken door and a sling for my friend in the back.And as quick as he entered he left getting in his car and stepping hard on the gas. It was the longest one mile ride of Bonnie's life. She told him she him how sorry she was all the way home. Clyde just drove without even looking over to her. What she didn't notice was the single tear roll down Clyde's left cheek. Bonnie begged forgiveness over and over. Telling him she would make this right. When they arrived at her house. Clyde turned to her and said I will be the one to make this right! Now get your *** inside my disobedient little Poppet because now it's your turn. Head down and face full of tears she obeyed. With Clyde right behind her she entered not knowing what he had in store for her. Eyes still aglow he barked "Take your clothes off". She complied watching as he took of his thick leather belt. Clyde please don't do this she begged but her pleas for mercy only got her a backhand to her mouth drawing blood from her bottom lip. Now down on all fours. Don't make me say it twice. She looked at the door and then at Clyde. I wouldn't try it if I was you. She thought better and got down on all fours. It took but a split second to feel her *** burn with pain. Followed by Clyde asking her "Why was another mans hands on my most favorite possession ?".
Before she could answer she felt the leather belt again. "Tell me why!". Hearing no response he let loose with all his anger. Striking her *** over and over. Tears streamed down Bonnie's face. After several minutes he ordered her to bring him her sewing scissors and a comb. She turned white with fright. Must I ask you twice? She loved this man and did as she was told. She returned with a comb and her big bulky sewing shears. Now have a seat in that chair I've set in front of her bedroom mirror. As she sat she felt the pain of the belt all over again. Bonnie looked up at him . Please Clyde don't . Her words were met by the sound of the huge shears snapping shut. A huge section of beautiful brown hair floated to the floor. Oh Clyde please stop! Her cries fell on deaf ears as the scissors snapped open and shut again and again faster and faster. Clyde was possessed and wildly hacked off what he had prized so much. In under ten minutes he was done. She looked up and saw her beautiful hair gone. Clyde why? Because my pride means more to me than your hair ever did. I would keep that in mind if I was you. I will Clyde I will. I expect this the last time I have to say it. Yes Clyde it is. Good girl. Now get me a beer and come make it up to me little Poppet. And without delay she did. The moral of the story" Don't **** with Clydes pride".
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I didn't think I would like this but I did. "Because my pride means more to me than your hair ever did" is a brilliant line.

Celebrating 2500 views of this today . Thank you guys.

Great story!

Loved the story Christopher!!! Once again great writing.. For some stupid reason I can understand why he snipped her hair all off. However as a woman she really need to stand her ground more and not get treated like that. I would never let a guy talk to me like that especially my husband or past boyfriends. Great read though. Well done! Thanks for sharing.

I hope you never run into Clyde when he's layin down the law. Lol.

Me too! My hair feels the same way! Haha

Wat a story - could neva do that myself tho

WOW! What a powerful story! Why would anyone do that to someone? I know I could'nt . Clyde's a real jerk x10!! I really feel for bonnie. he is so cruel!! :-D

Great story christopher. It got me aroused. Forced haircutting is one of my favorite fantasys. Great job!

Great story christopher. It got me aroused. Forced haircutting is one of my favorite fantasys. Great job!

Great story christopher. It got me aroused. Forced haircutting is one of my favorite fantasys. Great job!

I like to do my part on here and not be a wallflower.I'm glad I could get a rise out of you. So to speak! Lol