Forced Haircut Of Kelly 3

Now nude kelly was begging & crying but she had no choice then suddenly y brings a bucket of water & drops the water over her making her fully wet then x takes a straight razor & a comb & starts running them on her hair with in a few minutes kelly's hair was thined she was given a layered haircut x combed her hair she was looking very sexy then x started cutting her hair again kelly started crying plz leave me now chunks of hair was falling all over her body kelly was now in a cute bob cut then x forced her head downwards & started using clippers her nape was shaved & her sexy nape was exposed x moved the clippers mercylessly upwards now the sides were also shaved kelly felt the blades on her scalp she did say any thing now she now knew that she will be shaved blad after a 25 minutes kelly was in a mohawk then her last remaining hair was also cut off then y puts shaving foam on her scalp lathers it & shaved her head very smooth then y put some lather on kelly's face & shaved her face & eye brows too kelly now totaly transformed then they untie her, kelly stood up x then asked her how do you feel? she did not say anything now x asked y to do her entier body shaving y followed kelly was lathered on her entier body now being shaved the three guys shaved her fully including her ***** & underarms then they take her to washroom clean her up & now they dress her up in a miniskirt 8 inches in length & a transperent top without any underwear&bra then she was given a wig a cute chin length bob design & her eyebrows wear drawn now she was released from the saloon & this way a kelly was seen on the street .
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5 Responses Sep 21, 2012

who is Kelly or is this all fictional

Do you have her pic ?? I mean after you did the complete shaving ??

Oh !!!!!


Love you story and they way you gave her no choice .Very submissive l like it .

What a beautiful women, three powerful guys holding a chick and making sure she has no hair left anywhere, including between her legs and around her *******. Kelly must look delightfully erotic fully shaved from head to toe...