Her Punishment

You awake from a deep sleep only to find yourself strapped tightly in my barbers chair. Your wrists, ankles and waist are tightly secured and you sit there completely naked awaiting your fate. You know what's coming. You know what you did and you know what the punishment will be. The room is dark until the door opens and y:u see my six foot four athletic frame. You plead for another chance. "No you knew the rules and what the punishment would be if you chose to break them. I just hope it was worth it". I then turn on the lights. As soon as your eyes adjust to the light you see the clippers lying in wait on a table. Next to them is a straight razor, shaving cream, a multi-blade razor and two small bottles that you can't make out what they contain. At the site of the tools that will administer your punishment tears roll down your cheeks and drip onto your ample breast. You again plead for another chance. "NO! And keep your mouth shut or it be worse! You sob knowing what is about to happen and you can't do anything about it. I pick up the powerful clippers with no guide and a 0000 blade. I move to the back of the barbers chair. I grasp a handful of your long blond hair and lift it up. With a pop the clippers come to life. Your body flinches and you scream out. I warn you that anymore outburst will result in dire consequences. You sob quietly. A shiver encompasses your body as the cold blades of the clippers rest at the nape of your neck.It's a sensation you've never felt as I push the powerful clippers up the back of your head leaving a path of destruction until the massive handful of hair is severed from your scalp. To add insult to injury I toss this part of your mane onto your lap. Although you're horrified by what's going on you feel a tingling sensation between your legs and you feel a dampness as well. As I continue to buzz off handfuls of your silky hair you become more and more arroused. In a short while you are left with nothing but the tiniest stubble. At this point you have completely resigned yourself to your fate and you've become so arroused that this seems like an erotic dream. I then apply a steaming towel to your head and wrap it into a turban. After a minute I remove the hot towel and rub shaving cream onto your almost naked scalp. I then take the straight razor and scrape away the stubble. I then pick up one of the small bottles and pour a few drops of shaving oil into my hand. After rubbing my hands together I massage the oil onto your scalp. I then take the multi blade razor and shave you as smooth as possible. By now you have orgasmed several times. I unrestrain your ankles, spread your legs and pleasure your smooth ***** with my talented tongue. After you have climaxed I recline the chair and mount you and pound you vigorously until we both explode in ecstasy. Afterwards I allow you to see yourself in a mirror. You exclaim "Damn you son of a b--tch " I respond I warned you that if you didn't behave the punishment would be far worse. I then pour the contents of the other small bottle into my hands and rub it all over your bald head. Unlike the shaving oil this concoction causes a tingling sensation. You ask me what it is and I respond "you'll find out soon enough". After a few days you realize that the "shadow" of your hair has disappeared and your head is still totally bald. It's then that you realize that the chemical in the small bottle killed your follicles and you'll be completely bald the rest of your life.
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wow what a sexy exciting fantasy

Wish someone would do this to me

I loved your story, except the permanent removal of hair part . The point is: why preventing hair from growing if the barbering sessions are so erotic?(winks)