My Mom Diapered Me

I went to bed after peeing my bed for the fist time in years and when I woke up I woke up in my nephews room there were diapers on the table bottles with baby formula in them and baby cloths I was so scared I cried and my mom came in she said I was waiting for my baby boy to return and now you will be a full time baby and even have a baby sitter and go to day care you cannot walk so crawl no using the toilet just your diapers and no talking just suck on your pacie and just have fun with it she took me up and checked my diaper it was dry and I got a spanking on my but and she said babies wet themselves so I peed and pooped for her it started to leakxandcthen she cleaned me up so took me to the tub and washed me then gave me a bottle and changed me into a fresh diaper and onesie and then left and put me in my play pen

I am scared I am not sure if i want to be a full time baby I have to go I hear foot steps I will tell you the rest in new born teen age boy
Goodnightwearernick Goodnightwearernick
18-21, M
Nov 28, 2012