My Sister Forced Me To Wear A Diaper

When I was about ten I went to a drive-in movie with my sister and two of her friends. They had to take me, because mysister had charge of me while my parents were away. It was a funny movie and I laughed so hard I peed myself. My sister was mad because I stained her car seat and mde her car smell of pee on hot days, so every time I rode in her car, I had to wear a diaper. It was humiliating, especially when she ask if I was wet, and worse when she felt to see. Sometimes she asked a friend to feel and see, and that was the worst. And yet, I began to enjoy the feeling of going in my diaper. It was naughty and secret and warm, and often I would drink a coke or two before a trip just so I'd have to go.
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1 Response Feb 19, 2011

i loved it when my older brother felt the front of my nappies to see if i was wet or not

yes all the time