Forced Back Into Diapers

wen I was about 10 my mom was alwase striked about everything her moto was disobea and get punished so one night I wet the bed by mistake but my mom was angry and tolde me to get up and change i did as she asked but that wasent all of it she toled me to go to the spare bed room and sit down the spare bed room was a nursery. she then came in with a gallon of water. she tolde me that since I wet the bed I sholde be able to wet my pants so she tolde me to drink the water after a wile I felt like I had to pee so I did wat she asked after that she came in with a diaper and some baby close she tolde me that I must not be poty traned so she was going to put me in diapers and I was going to be her baby she took off all my close and lade me down she diaperd me and tolde me to clear out my underwear and take them outside to the trash after I got back she tolde me to get into the crib she then sed I was now a baby, the toilet was off limits for me and I was going to stay in diapers. that night I was fed baby food and was givin a bodle I was then put to bed early. wile in bed I wet myself agen but this time it woke me up after that I felt like I had to poop. I tride to holde it afrade of what my mom might do but it was no use i let It out and filed the diaper the next morning my mom came in and smeled the mess I had made I expected a smack but she simply sed go to the changig table in a babyish tone wear she befor changing me she smeared the mess all around my but and sed how dose that feel agen in a babyish tone she then wiped the mess and changed me. ever since that night i've been in diapers I wear them all the time and use them and I love it I never even think about it wen I have to poop or pee I now need diapers I cant live without them.

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i just cant get enough of my DIAPERS

I wasnt forced to read all your small diaper troll coments and that crap story...


I was forced into diapers my mom makes me sleep in a crib and makes me sit in a car seat on the bus

I was forced back into diapers at 31years old. I wet the bed and my wife spanked me like a baby and went out and bought diapers. She threw away all my underwear and shaved all my body hair off. I am diapered every morning before I go to work and again when I get home. My sister in law changes me also when I complain. Both of them at different time spank me nude over their laps.I wear cloth diapers and plastic pants. I am 5' tall and 140 lbs. My wife and her sister are taller and stronger so I don't complain too much.

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First you need to learn, how to spell. Then seperate reality from a dream!

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