Cage Control!!

Within the last two months, my SUPERIOR FEMALE DOMME & i had to part ways due to both job and family demands. It was not the wish of either of us, but nonetheless, could not be avoided.  After 3 years, i was no longer confined to my chastity tube, for what had pretty much been penis lock up for 24/7, unless my BEAUTIFUL DOMME desired my **** to be released, which SHE did regularly, because SHE did enjoy teasing it, riding it, abusing it, and did enjoy the instances when SHE allowed me to ***, forcing me to eat my male seed immediately.  i was left with an empty feeling, and my desire for FEMALE CONTROL was overwhelming!!
Of course, i do have some SUPERIOR FEMALE FRIENDS, and luckily one of them decided this week that SHE was locking my **** up, to keep me from that nasty male habit of playing with it.  my SUPERIOR FEMALE FRIEND has stated that SHE will be my FEMALE KEYHOLDER,until i find another SUPERIOR FEMALE  that desires to take me for a long term relationship!!  i was happy, but at the same time worried how my SUPERIOR FEMALE FRIEND intended to use HER CONTROL over me and my ****.  SHE has instructed me to compare & contrast my feelings of when i am locked in a chastity tube and when i am not.

1.  Locked in my cage, i am at the mercy of my SUPERIOR FEMALE KEYHOLDER, who makes the decisions of when i have release, thereby allowing me to not spend so much of my valuable time worrying about my next ******, or how i will perform.  The SUPERIOR FEMALE decides was is best for my ****, and when allowed release, i am eager and willing to please her.
     Out of my cage, i can engage in acts that are offensive to most SUPERIOR FEMALES, such as making unwelcome advances to FEMALE, or engaging in ************, which ultimately zaps my sexual desire and energy to please the SUPERIOR FEMALE.

2.  Locked in my cage, i have a sense of belonging to my SUPERIOR FEMALE KEYHOLDER, and purpose, which is to serve and provide for HER needs.
     Out of my cage, i feel lonely, and without guidance!

3.  Locked in my cage, i experience a constant state of sexual energy, even though denied a full erection or the the ability to have an ******.  my **** constantly experiences the tight confines of my cage, keeping in a semi-state of arousal, and ready to serve my SUPERIOR FEMALE.
     Out of my cage, i feel a definite void.

This male prefers chastity!!

slave john

slave john
submale2serveFEMALE submale2serveFEMALE
46-50, M
Jan 16, 2013