nothing more submissive than having a beautiful woman control your *******! As the days go by and you haven't even touched your little **** you find yourself doing anything she asks. My ex used to lock me up all the time and then tease me until my **** tried to go hard, she then told me to wear panties over the top and send me off to work x

laughatme laughatme
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I completely agree that if more little boys were educated and made to wear silky girly things at that age, as I was by the girl next door, they would turn out like many of us hetero feminine clothing loving and wearing very much feminized girly men! 20 or so years ago very little was being said or written about this, now it's on the TV, in movies and definitely running rampant here on the internet!!

<p>Patti56 we talk te same laguage and the same line of thougt</p>

It certainly helps to de-maculinizes a male not to be able to penetrate a womentis chastity thing. Especially when the women ends up have a boy that penetrates her ex-husband that has becomes hers girfriend lover because her ex-husband was turned her into a women.<br />
<br />
That would be a very hot story.

The more men that are Feminized, the Better. It is time that women make this happen. Feminine Men make the Best husbands!

The est wives, since the males wil have to take girl names and pronoun, the Husbands will be the women.

do you agree Patti59

Yes I do Agree! Male Wives to Female Husbands! Keep us men Feminine and Pretty for you Women!

I would like to hear more about this.

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my sistersvusto try to get me in to panties or get me naked so they can laugh and make fun of my small penis

im sent off to work every day in panties now im a full time wearer mistress thinks its a great way of me remembering im her sissy check out my stories for more info

I think I need a good mistress like you have