Forced To Dressup By Mom

one day me and my mother were at home. and sudendly she said. come with me to my room. i have something for you.
so we went into her room and told me to undress until my boxers. i refused to do it at first. but my mother forced me to undress.
finaly i was undressed and my mother said, im going to make you a beautiful little girly girl. she said and smiled at me. 
i was shocked at the way she was looking at me. she took a black stocking. a matching garter belt. a pink thong and a matching pink bra
then she said that she has found the perfect dress for me. it was a beautiful dress. finaly i was dressed and the she told my to go into
the bathroom and sit down. i did as i was told, she shaved my legs armpits face, after that she beginning to do my makeup. 
i was so pretty, prettier than i ever did. my mom noticed that and said. you do want to be a girl dont you. while lookin at my face. 
didnt no what to say. but she has allready knew was yes and she said. well then you will have to have an girl name. pick one she told me
i was thinking about the name while she was doing my makeup, when she was done she asked if i had picked one. i said. i think i choose
shirley. when my mother said so shirley is it gonna be then. my mother said that i was almost done. she went out of the room and came back
with a beautliful wig that she had, and said. this will make the tranformation complete. now your done my lovely girl. 
she said that i could to a look at the mirror in her room. and so i did, when i looked at my self. i started to smile and cry of happiness

my mother came in and said. dont do that you ruin my makeup girl, then she hugged me. you have to be a girl whenever i want you to.
and just for your information that for the rest of your life. i will send you to a girl school so you can see how girls are supost to act and talk
my mom went out of the room to call my sister to tell her the news that shes got a new sister and that her brother, was gone. ( btw my sister
loved to dress me up even before this has happend) so the came over and said. ooh come here sis. you look just wonderfull in that dress.
i started to blush. my mother got the idea of a girls night with some more friends. my sister said thats  wonderfull idea. then she looked at
 me and smiled like she has never done before. i felt wierd but a good nice wierd. to wair the clothes of my sister and mom.
the night came and the guests for the party came and all said that i was much better girl that a stupid boy. this went on for the rest
of the night. we did all kind of girly things until we feld a sleep. when the morning came i watched in the mirror and thought. lets do
my makeup. i dont know why i thought that but, while i was doing that my sister came in and she commented me on how i did my makeup
so well and teased me that i have always done that. i didnt know what to say so i just smiled. when i was done i went downstairs.
went into the kitchen and there wore my sisters two best friends who commented my once again on how good i looked.
later the day there were some friends coming over, and my sister told me that i have to seduce one of them. first i didnt want to do
but then she said. look at him doesnt he look good. in that jeans and shirt. i agreed and i went to him and treid to make a move on him.

he thought i was a girl and started to kiss me intence. while we were kissing my mom walked in on us, and said if you want to
be alone with this handsome boy. you can go upstairs in your room. i took him into my sisters room. to not look wierd, and knowing
my sister didnt mind it if i would clean up after words. so we were in the room and he started to rubbing my legs and told me how pretty
i was. i started to feel so girly that i was going into it and he took my panty down and shoved his **** into me, with permision of me ofcourse
it felt so wonderfull being done by a cute boy like him. it was kinda painfull at first but i relaxed and just let him do what he wanted, to do to me,
i felt him ******* in me and i was so horney at that time i didnt mind it at all. after we were done whe kissed and hugged each other for a while
then my mother came in and said she heard something out of this room and looked at me and yust  smilled and said how the boy was.
and i said he was just wonderfull and that i loved him to death,

to this day i still love that boy and he just loves me. but he still dont know that i am a boy in realtime. but living as a girl fultime
but that doesnt matter to me that much

bye bye guys  
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This story is so sexy ;)

The rules say that support and respect should be used when posting but not everything is worthy of support or respect. Tricking someone is beneath contempt and I don't give a damn who doesn't like me saying that!

My question to you (I know the story aint real) is if the shoe were on the other foot wouldn't you care about being decieved? If you answer no then you are too far gone to really put yourself in someone elses place. Noone wants to be decieved.

My sister and her girlfriends caught me in their clothes and ever since made me dress as a girl. They threw all my boy clothes away. So now I wear panties, nylons and petty-slips under dresses at home and under Capri's when I'm out. My mom found out my sister was dressing me and said for me to wear what ever my sister says to, she is in charge.Everyone round my neighborhood knows I'm a sissy. Some girls that live close by come over just to laugh and giggle at me cleaning my house.<br />
My sister and mam laugh right along with them, they say they have the cutest little sissy around.