Forced To Wear A Dress To School

I was 15 at the time and my sister was 16. She was a little bit taller then me. One Tuesday after I got back from school I cought her kissing her boyfriend and I laughed and laughed at her then she told me to F off. I left then I Hurd them kissing again and I called her a **** and went to run away and ran right into my mom. She then asked why I called my sister a ****. I said because she is one. That was the worst thing I could have said. My mom had my sisters boyfriend leave. After he left my mom and sister talked for a wile and then came into my room. They asked if my sister dressed like a ****. I said yes!!! Then my mom said to my sister lets show him what a real **** looks like. They left the room and came back my sister pushed me on my bed and held me down then my mom came in with a lot of makeup. I screamed and screamed for help. But then my mom said the more I fight the longer it will take. I then stopped fighting my mom did my eyes with black eyeshadow and mascara and eyeliner. After that she added some blush and some cream or something. Then she put on red lipstick. After that she painted my nails red. I tried to fight back but it was no good. After they painted my finger and toe nails. They pushed me I the bathroom and threw in a mini black dress and some black high heals. They told me to put it on. I did. When I came out hey said something's missing and handed me black pantie hoes and told me to put it on. When I came out of the bathroom they said now you look like a **** my mom handed me a purse with makeup and money in it and told me to go get us some mc Donald's for dinner. I learned my lesson
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I love this story


Did you enjoy it and are you still dressing

What a horrible thing! I'm so sorry you had to go through that! McDonalds..?! She could have at least sent you out for Chinese!

Or at burger king

It sounds like you were given a great opportunity to go experience life as a **** with you Mom's permission. Talk about the ultimate "Hall Pass". What was it like to go to McDonalds and do they still send you there for more "Training"