Forced To Wear Nappy

four or five ex lady friends have "forced" me to wear nappies, not that i really needed to be forced. the two i have fondest memories of are my late wife Betty and Jo.
Betty was twelve years older than me and married at the time when we meet and she was only the second person that i had sex with. She was very naive concerning sex, at the time she did not even know what a sixty nine was! it was me who shaved her ***** for her, the first time she had ever shaven it and i also got her to wear stockings and suspenders which she would never previously wear. So when her husband so her wearing stockings and saw her shaven ***** it caused a few questions to be asked.
now Betty was only five feet one inch tall and never weighed more than seven stone com paired to my five feet nine inches and sixteen stone and Brian's six feet two and eighteen stone. despite her size and her normally quite and polite manner she had a temper when upset. With out raising her voice she could give you an order and you very soon learned to obey or suffer if you did not. she was not generally dominate but when she was in the mood to be so she was very dominate, and boy did her tiny hands hurt when she slapped or punched you, as i and a few other discovered to our cost.
other times she would be as meek as a kitten and like me to dominate her. we where together for almost twelve years before she died, we had some bad times but loads more good times and we had a good and adventurous and varied sex life.

Now Jo was sixteen years younger than me, being twenty one when we first got together. she was six feet one tall and wore a size twenty dress. she also quite spoken and placid but was as like a lioness when protecting any one she had feelings for. we had known each other and been friends for six or seven years before we got together. during that time we often talked and i gradually told her every thing about my cross dressing and my bed wetting and wearing nappies, and how i liked being a adult sissy baby. she had always been understanding and one judge mental and had never bad mouthed me at AL. when we got toge her she asked if i still did these things and i admitted to her that i did. she was great and was fine about me cding and being an AB. she said she would help me dress and while i was cross dressed she was more than happy to wear my clothes and be my husband.
she had three daughters under the age of eight and insisted that they where never to see me in nappies or dresses, i happily agreed and the fun soon began.
that weekend Jo's ex had the kids from Friday evening until Sunday evening. when we where alone in the house Jo had me ***** and take a shower while she laid on the bed what i was going to be wearing. as i lay in the bath Jo came in and washed me head to toe then she shaved my entire body leaving just my eye lashes and eye brows. she then helped me out of the bath and dried me before taking me into her bedroom. on the bed was a matching black bra, suspender belt, thong and stockings. Jo helped me put them on then sat me at her dressing table to do my make up. first she painted my finger nails a bright red then applied foundation and blusher on my face followed by eye liner and ma scare and bright red lipstick.  she put a long blond wig on me then helped me into the black mini dress she had chosen for me, finally a pair of stile toe heeled shoes with a four inch heel. i was more than happy with how i looked and so was Jo. she then  got ready her self. she put on a pair of my boxer shorts and a pair of black socks. next she put a black shirt on and had me fasten the white tie for her she then put on my black double breasted suit and a pair of oxford shoes she had bought as mine where to big for her. 
we went down stairs and i was making a cup of coffee when there was a knock at the door and Jo said our taxi was here. i looked at her amazed and asked what she meant and she told me we where going out of town for a meal then on to a night club, i told her i did't want to go out and and she told me that she had gone to a lot of trouble arranging every thing and she wanted a night out so we where going. she almost dragged me out to the taxi and as we drove off she told me that i better behave and smile.
when we reached the restaurant we where shown to our table by a waitress who handed us a couple of menus and went for our drinks. after a couple of drinks i began to relax a bit. the meal was superb and as we left heading for the night club i was actually enjoying my self. as we walked along the street i even got whistled at a couple of times. in the night club we where sat at a table near the dance floor and after a couple more drinks Jo got me up to dance. after our dance as we where about to sit down a man asked me if i would have a dance with him. i looked at Jo questionably and she smiled and said it was OK. i danced with a couple more men and i was dancing with one bloke when some slow smoochy music came on. i turned to get of the dance floor but he took hold og my hand and spun me round so i was facing him, he then put his arms around my waist and held me tight against his body and started dancing.  as we where dancing he began kissing my neck and nibbling my ears and his hands where stroking my ***. i tried to pull away but he held me tight we danced past our table and i noticed Jo watching us. she must have seen every thing and instead of being angry as i expected she was smiling.
we got back to Jo's house about four AM and went straight up stairs to bed. i removed my dress and shoes but was so tired i left every thing else on including my make up and wig and i feel to sleep almost straight away. when i woke up a few hours later i released that i was soaking wet and when i checked i know i had wet the bed and it was so wet i knew that i most have wet Jo also, as i got out of bed Jo walked into the room, she lifted me to my feet and wrapped her arms around me and kissed me passionately. when she came up for air she thanked me for the previous evening saying how much she had enjoyed it. but she then added i had been a very naughty girl peeing the bed so i had to be punished. she sat on the edge of the bed, pulled me over her knees and slapped my *** hard. she slapped me about twelve times  then told me to get a shower.
she had a water proof mattress cover on the bed. she changed the bedding and when i got out of the shower she had me lay on the bed and quickly fastened a large disposable nappy on me followed by a pair of clear plastic pants then had me put my trousers and shirt on and told me we where going shopping. i said what about my nappy? i cant go out wearing it. Jo smiled and told me that was exactly what i was going to do.
i was soon spending almost every evening at Jo's house, staying over night and going straight from hers to work and from work to hers. when ever the kids where out she would dress me up some times as a school girl or her slutty lesbian lover or her little sissy baby,  every night the last thing she did before we went to sleep was to make sure i was wearing a fresh nappy. she would change me in the morning and at first would let me take it of before going to work but after just a couple of months she decided she wanted me to wear nappies twenty four seven and she made sure that i did until after we split up.
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Cool! Do you still wear them? Do you have another friend that helps?