Second Chance

It isn't often i will give out a second chance. Most the time i find that i was wrong for giving a second chance.

Arorin Arorin
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push over!



I've given thousands of them.

Depends on the situation. If a friend spilled my drink or something and said sorry it isn't a big deal I forgive them. Forgiveness for me is realizing that everyone is human and they make mistakes because we just aren't perfect. Sure i might want to sit around and be mad a little bit, but eventually I have to get over it. If someone really is sorry and they show it then i am sure I can give forgiveness, but if not i may just forgive for my own benefit. I don't like to be mad or hateful, I don't have to like the person, but I don't have to hold onto a grudge either.

Thank you so much. This will help me in the near future!

For me forgiveness is forgetfulness, but when I remember, i hate those persons again. So, should I replace the hate with love to forgive? I seek for an answer for 4 years. Can you at least explain what did forgiveness meant to you?

Those aren't easy questions to really answer. It is kind of something you just have to find.

I never understood. What does mean "to forgive"? Does it means to love? Or to forget? Or what? Please tell me.