I Cant Be Angry For More Than A Couple Of Hours

When im angry im very angry. Often i cant think clearly and can say many hurtful or silly things, never mind the horrible thoughts i have about the person im angry with. But i never can be angry for more than a couple of hours at most. As soon as ive cooled down and said everything i wanted to say im ready to forgive and reconcile. I dont see the point of ruining mine and everybody's mood and giving people a hard time by being angry and upset for days. And i just dont find any strength to be angry for longer, its like all anger just goes away!
I cant stand people who can be angry for days or weeks. You know then they dont talk to you for ages not even saying why are they angry. My mum is like that and its very hard. Just say it and get over it! Its so much easier this way.
LaraWantsCandy LaraWantsCandy
18-21, F
2 Responses May 18, 2012

I am the same with intensity of anger (when it happens) and often surprised with how quickly it disappears and is literally forgotten......making it easy to forgive! My wife on the other hand can hang on to trivial, unhappy things for years...geez!

Agreed. I can only get angry for a few seconds to a few minutes, if I get angry at all. I always think that I've been in worse situations so I should not lose my head over small things.