Being Used

I too forgive to easily. There are times when someone really ****** me off and I vow that I will never forgive that person, and yet I do. It might take only a hour or at the most 2 days. Sometimes I hate myself for forgiving the person because I know that they will only screw me over again, it's only a matter of time.

Last March I went on a cruise with one of my ex-friends. While on the cruise I ended up with a sinus infection and would take naps sometimes during the day when we hadn't had any thing planned. She would turn on the tv so loud, and I asked her politely to turn it down which she did. She ended up breaking my straighter, un plugging my phone from charging before we left the boat to drive home. Also one night she left me while we were heading to dinner, and I couldn't find my way to our restaurant. Yet in all of this I had forgiven her.

Then when we were getting off the ship to go to my car she told me that she doesn't have any money. I was like What??!!  The deal was that we both keep money for the way home.  I was extremely pissed, I only kept enough money for my half. So in order to even get out of the parking garage I had to charge it to a credit card that I didn't even have on me.  Then I ended up calling my mom telling her that I don't have enough gas and  money to get home. She asked why and I told her that I only had a certain amount. Never did I mention that Jacqi never kept her money like she was supposed to. She also never told her parents that we had no idea how we were going to get home. I started crying and freaking out, and Jacqi still never did anything to help the situation.

Well I was able to make it to Tennessee before I finally had to pull over because we were running really low on gas. Jacqi still hadn't told her parents and my mom decided to come down and find us.  I had pulled in a walmart parking lot which had a bunch of truckers. I locked the doors and kept the keys in the ignition just in case. Early in the morning we woke up and it was really cold (I was still in a tank top, and Capri's, with my winter jacket as a blanket, while Jacqi was covered in a big blanket) Jacqi lent over and turned on the car, and I turned it off and said "Don't turn on the car!" J"I'm cold, we're going to freeze" Me"We don't have enough gas and we're not going to freeze. I'm the one sick and you're the one with the blanket that you couldn't even share!"

My mom ended up having to call Jacqi's phone since mine died. I didn't have a car charger and Jacqi was getting mad that my mom kept calling. She said "Don't talk long, my phone is dying. I wish she wouldn't keep calling." I said "Well if someone didn't unplug my phone she wouldn't have to keep calling yours."

Well after 8 hours my  mom had finally found us, and Jacqi's parents found out recently that we were stuck in ten. and my mom was coming. Only because they kept calling and asking where we were, and then finally said, "well it sure is taking you a long time in ten" Jacqi just said "yea we  ran out of money." Not that SHE didn't have her half, and that's why were in this situation.  Well my mom and grandpa wanted to get a hotel room so that they could sleep since they were driving all night trying to find us. Jacqi wanted to leave right then, and I said that no, my mom needs to sleep since she was driving while we slept in the car. She didn't like that, and called her dad to send her money. Why couldn't she do that before my mom left?? My mom was furious. So they ended up getting into a fight, and Jacqi had her dad come down and get her. Mind you we were 22 at the time. And I told her you're 22 1/2 you should have been more responsible. We are not freaking little teenagers (no offense). 

After a few days I called her and tried to fix our friendship. I even gave her my half of the pictures that I had developed and paid for them. I kept asking her for copies of the ones she had, and offered to pay for them, and take the memory card up myself. I never did get the pictures. Her birthday was in April, and on her birthday I had tickets to go see OneRepublic, with a boyfriend that she didn't like, and one of my friends from back home. I told her I was busy during the day, but that I would meet up with her at 10:30, and just to let me know where she wanted to meet up. I gave her her birthday gifts, and everything.  I had forgiven her for everything that had happened on the cruise.

Well after her birthday she never talked to me again. Even now as sad as it is I would take her back as a friend. Even though she wasn't the greatest person.  I have had a lot of good times with her before all of this ever happened. Though I know she used me a couple of times before, and then I started telling her no about certain things and wouldn't do everything she wanted me too. I guess that "friendship" has run it's course, and yet I forgave her. A lot of my other friends said after the crap she pulled on the cruise they would have never of talked to her again.

Krysta Krysta
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there is a difference in forgiving and being used. You can forgive her and not be her friend anymore. I would say it is time to let the friendship go. She will use you until she doesn't need you and toss you aside. You deserve better then that. You have other friends. you gave her gifts you pay for things. Keep this as a life lesson and move forward in life and don't look back. She will just hold you down.

exactly. :)

This is a great story-its always good to forgive people youll feel better about yourself.

You sleep better at night if you forgive.