Time to Move On..

I forgive  ; the hurtful remarks  when i was young, that stayed with me for years

I forgive my Mum for leaving me with my Dad on the verge of puberty,

I forgive my Dad for taking out his pain and frustrations  on me,

I forgive my Dad for taking a wife 6 years older than me, and ALWAYS taking her side,

I forgive my first love for taking my heart ...and breaking it,

I forgive the love of my life for being such a wimp, and leaving me to cope alone,

I forgive Fate for robbing me of my 12 year old son,

I forgive everybody who I  BELIEVED has ever hurt me, and  by far the hardest , I forgive  myself for not being able to  in the past and have hung on to the resentments and  pains and  kept them as some sort of trophy , to excuse the hurts I may have  caused,

And that , in the words of Forrest Gump, ..is all I have to say about that !

crystalkate crystalkate
51-55, F
2 Responses May 23, 2007

hi, well I gotta sa that all the pain and all the bad times and suffering you have been threugh ,are what have made this pasionat strong loving caring,woman we have before us,today and as the years go by, you will look back on those times and thank the God and Goddess of the world, for helping you move on and be the wonderfull pearson you are now...<br />
good luck and be safe,. love and light.<br />
Phoenix xxx

Great Story! It is good to be able to forgive so that you don't have to live in the past. You sound like a very strong minded woman! Sounds like a lot of people have hurt you but you are a stronger person because of it.