Outside. Wandering. Look at that leaf, it's fluttering in the breeze. It's not the only one. There are thousands and thousands of leaves on that tree, all moving. And it's not just that one tree. There are thousands and thousands of trees all around you. All of them have thousands of leaves all moving in the breeze. The sheer amount of movement that is always happening is so overwhelming.

Move on.
Hear everything. Can't filter things out. Hear absolutely everything. Start to notice every tiny impact on senses. Hypothalamus right? Broken?

Everything is always moving. Even if somehow it isn't moving, the things around it always will be, so it can never remain the same. Nothing is constant. Things can never go back to one way of being.

Too much. Can't take everything in all at once. Hands twitch. Have to block it all out.

Can't find quiet. Have to cover it all up. Play absurdly loud music right into ears, but hey, you're calm now.
emutree emutree
Aug 16, 2014