“Do you forget your Mom’s birthday?” They said

“yes” I replied, smiling. I often forget birthdays, I really should warn people about this.

“Oh, well I suppose I shouldn’t feel bad then” They replied.


Whoa! Of course, It’s today…but little old me doesn’t look at the calendar and say ‘oh, who’s birthdays are soon?’, and because I recently changed cell-phone, I no longer had the calendar to remind me.

Shoot, what a bummer. But come on, if you want attention you should give warning.

Ah well, I’ll enter it in my new phones calendar and hope that I have some warning next year. Don’t you hate it when you overlook something that *might* mean a big deal? Birthdays are a great chance to be really nice to people and shower them with appreciation…not wait until the last moment and then bring it up like an after thought.

I’ll try and remember next year.

smebro smebro
22-25, M
Aug 16, 2007