I Lost My Dad

I don't know what to say really,  my dad pass this morning 2:18 , I was there , but the nurses kick me out of the room, when he got worse. I really wanted to tell him that I love him so I just scream it ouside the room so he could hear me ,I told him I love him, at least I did that. I  feel this pain in my heart I can't describe. I guess only the ones who has lost a parent know. I lost the biggest part of my life, I lost the only person I felt understood me, I though I forgot this feeling, actually I never though about feeling it again, this emptyness this sorrow. Peoples calls and visits are driving me crazy and I can't calm my sister, yet I have to be strong for her. It's so difficult, I just hide and drink my own tears.
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Thank you dodo, treehugginjenjen

I'm so very, very sorry to hear about your Father. And I wish you every strength, and all the courage that you need to face the world outside. <br />
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Just know that here, at least, is space where you can be however, and feel whatever you need to or want to.<br />
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We are all here for you.

I really feel for you. I can't imagine if I lost my Mom. It is so heart wrenching to loss someone you love so much. It's so hard to be left behind to bare the feelings and memories of those you loss. It seems like anything I could think of to comfort you would sound inadequate to what you are going through. I'm sorry and I will pray for you to heal through/with your family and friends. Peace-J