At The Movies.

I was at the movies, and purpously hadn't peed before I left. I ordered an extra large pepsi and brought it to my seat. We went to see Avatar, which as you probably know is a three hour movie. When I sat down,  I was already feeling the need to pee. I quickly downed half of my soda and sat back to watch the movie. By the end of the first half hour i was already becoming desperate, and had one hand between my legs, holding myself.  I decided I would try as hard as possible to hold in my pee until the end of the movie. By the end of the movie i had already began to leak into my black jeans. I knew if i didn't get to a bathroom soon, I was going to wet myself, which i hate to do in public. I walked as quickly as possible to the bathroom , but there was a huge line up. I knew I wouldn't be able to make it to my car, so i reluctantly got in like, desperately crossing my legs and doing a pee dance, the whole time thinking 'i have to pee, i have to pee ooooh i have to pee.' When i finally was the next person to go in a cubicle, i raced into a cubicle, spurting into my pants. I grabbed myself anf managed to get my self under control, but then my zipper got stuck. I spurted again and desperately tried to get my zipper down, when i finally got it undone. I immediatley started peeing uncontrollably, i pulled my pants down and sat in the toilet, flooding my pink pantied as i emptied my bladder. I was so aroused I felt as though i would ****** any second, so i rubbed myself through my panties until i **** and had an amazing *****.

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6 Responses Feb 7, 2010

very sexy i love that can i come to the movie you see i'd love to see you wet your knickers

Yeah mines if you wanna talk

ya same here mine is but plz send me a message on here first

I'd love to talk to you sometime. If you have yahoo, please message me. Mine is :)

Great story.

Nice ;)