Holy shite, it's Monday.... no lunch care today. Oh, darn, I'm hungry. *pout*

I'm hopeless, sometimes. I'm stressed and I think my care staff should do the usual stuff, like leave me a sandwich on the bench on Monday regardless of whether I remind them to.

*swears* Mondayitis sucks.

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PS. The morning worker apologised to me when she returned in the evening and made me a big bowl of pasta....<br />
I still would have liked to share it with my friends.

MMMMMMmmmm<br />
I'm really hungry now :)<br />
Yum, POE.

I won a prize at The California Culinary Academy for a tofu recipe.<BR>Now we have to get you over to the USA so you can try it!<BR>hugz

*HUGS AP and smiles* Eat up with me, by all rock, love you!<br />
Pix, what a great idea...remember I'm vegetarian though!

I would make you something fact, maybe we could all just come over and have a huge pot luck of our favorite dishes for you!!! Yum!!!!

Awwwww...<br />
The future looks ok, but I'd rather be with mates.

I'd offer to share my lunch with you, but it's still Sunday night here and by the time I get Monday's lunch, you'll be past Tuesday's breakfast. Jeez... I guess I'll always be living in the past:(

I never get help in the afternoon on Mondays. I was just tired this morning and forgot to ask them to leave me a sandwich until dinner.

Thanks Rhi...<br />
One day, we'll eat together. *hugs*<br />
<br />
I found an apple in the kitchen drawer...yay.