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Why Are You Always Offline

an fb friend ask 
Why are you always offline
I say,.,,,,I'm a little busy 
on other site this days

actually,,,I'm online
I just went offline on chat
i'm just accepting  game request there
that's it
friendlycat friendlycat 26-30, F 9 Responses Mar 8, 2011

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Look out for things that poke you hehe..........:):):)

LOL...keith<br />
<br />
i'll hide inside the tool box

Let's play Hide & Seek I will be some where not sure where. hahahahaha

Excellent pen lady I am always amazed at the powerful messages your words hold.....very interesting and well written....some really great lines you have penned here....thank you so much for sharing with us in our group. .......:)

there are games..........and then some games no you should play not sure this fits with story but it was a pasing thought .

still loading.......hehe<br />
<br />
net is so slow

you really then should tryJGrabAllGifts. its a bookmarklet that helps you accept gifts... you try it then you can tell me what you think later... i had the same problem

hi, i don't play mafia wars....I have many game request...I can't manage to play it cause i can't finish accepting game request....I play fronterville, citiville, and others....

oh i see you play mafia wars...hopingly....