I forget many things is a very bad habit, so decide to write these in a slip. But, what if I forget to read that or take it with me. My husband, always forgets everything excluding me..thank God!! Each day, I am suppose to write down what he has to do..I am always happy to comply but..he forgets to keep that list :))
Then he calls me and ask. what was it that he forgot..then I make him remember what he should not forget..that is pretty long..I again he forgets..after work when re remembers what he forgot..he blames me of not reminding him properly....hmmmmm so typical right..between husband and a wife; always blame the I getting used to it? not really..I try to forget that :)))
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well i wish he would forget to come home for a week and ill be with you for the whole week too that will make sense then and when he will ask you later simply you will just say you are occupied the whole week that you never come home but its good honey...LOL

hmmm..naughty public!! ouch !

ha,ha,ha why not did you not ever heard those naughty thoughts in public places?im naughty shameless man you know but very gentleman in everyway too...

I know you but a little..but i like what I know about you..

hhmmmmm creepy....or juvinile perhaps rogue????

intelligent and sweet..never rude always sweet..a treat indeed..a friend who leads..

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