Tonsillolith Tastes Nasty

Well just now when I was surfing about the internet, I felt something in the back of my throat. So I initiated a rubbing movement to bring up whatever that was that was back there. As I was doing this there was this nasty most pungent, disgusting taste that I have ever tasted that came about my whole mouth. Gag effect anyone? It was the grosses taste ever. Yuck!

Then up comes this tiny piece of yellow whatever it was. It was hard and looked like a small pebble but a little bit smaller. I removed it with my finger and flicked it away. Right then I had an itch on my nose so I proceeded to scratch but before my finger even reached my nostril I was hit with this most fowl odor. Apparently the strinch of the tonsillolith had transfered to my finger.

I went to the washroom wash my hand and gargled with mouthwash and brushed my teeth and even flossed. Feeling so fresh and so clean right now. At the time I didn't know what on earth this was. I thought it was food that was stuck back there for some time (about a week or maybe two to three days) to produce such a fowl odor.

So I googled "Food stuck in the back of throat causes bad breath" and found so many sites with the definition and how to prevent them and even some screenshots and of course this site. So here I am with my story. I apologize for being so descriptive but that's how it happened. Hope you enjoyed reading because I enjoyed sharing. Thank you for reading, if you made it this far and I hope you are not too grossed out reading because experiencing it was even more gross.
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3 Responses Nov 26, 2006

I've been trying to find this on the internet for 10 years now and was sooo happy to come across these sites I found through google the other day! YAY! I'm not the only one who suffers from these stink balls! Ok, my main reason for writing this is because I honestly believe the tonsils hold LOTS of these tonsil stones deep within the tissue of the tonsil. I think at times the tonsil gets too full or a tonsil stone gets too big and that is why it surfaces in the "crypt" or holes in your tonsils. The reason I say there are many more tonsil stones in hiding is because of this; I have gotten these off and on for years..I used to only mess with them when they would surface. I would see a speck of white and push the side of tonsil toward the hole or crypt that it was in..thus making it pop out. Ofcourse no matter how disgusting they are we all have to take a whiff each time we get one! Atleast I do! Anyhow, even though I haven't seen any specks or felt anything in my throat lately, I could KIND OF barelllly get a taste of a chunk as I blew my nose, so I knew something was hidden. I went to my left tonsil that never gives me problems and pushed along the upper part toward the crease of my tonsil and OMG out popped a chunk! A DOCTOR WOULDN'T HAVE EVEN KNOWN IT WAS THERE...there was no clue! So that led me to think maybe more are in I kept pushing, harder at times, and each time producing another chunk! I was even getting them to come out of the crease really high up on tonsil up near that little thing that hangs down in the back of your throat! So, for the past few days I haven't really eaten because I wanted to see if it was really made from food particles. Well, today I started psuhing again and BAM more stones! I think the tonsils produce this stuff and most people just aren't aware of their bodies and realize its in there..or they have smaller "crypts" that don't allow big chunks to come out. Go try pushing along your tonsils and see if you don't get anything to pop out! I BET YOU WILL!

I can't believe surfing around on here I come across this story. I myself have this problem, but, have never had a word for it or even knew what was happening to me.<br />
All this time I thought I was the only one who this happened to. The smell from this is the most disgusting thing to come out of the human body, much worse than the smell of crap.