I'm In This Club. Unfortunately.

My first experience with them was during my freshman year of college. 

It's a distinct memory...  I had had it for days and it was building up.  I waited until my dorm mate was off to class and I got out the flashlight to try and see what was going on back there.  When I saw the white head sticking out, i decided to poke at it with the only pointy non-pencil thing I had around -- a chopstick!

The stone came out and the "something's stuck in my throat" feeling immediately went away.  Ah... relief.

I didn't have any for a long while after that.  Fast forward 10 years, I'm not sure why, but I get them all the time now.  I've graduated to using a Q-tip to squeeze them out, and I have to do it about once every couple of weeks.  Sometimes multiple stones at one time -- Can this process be made any grosser??

One more thing. 

I find that I can expedite the tonsilloiths' dislodging if I swim. 
It's probably a combination of breathing faster, opening and closing my mouth (stimulating/expressing the tonsils), and just the fact that my gag reflex is much tuned down that I don't mind getting water back there and then spitting it back out.

It's a very gratifying feeling to be swimming along and spit out two or three or four of these buggers!  And sometimes I can even see them float by...  Can't be any worse than peeing in the pool, right?!

I went to a ENT doctor about this once.  I told him that I had been getting sore throats and the tonsil stones, too.  He was a very nice old man who told me that he would *maybe* recommend me for removal surgery if I was getting 4 episodes or more of the sore throats in a year, but at that point I had only had 3.  :-

He was pretty much against surgery, citing the pain, recuperation period, cost, etc., especially since he thought of the stones and periodic sore throats as more of an annoyance rather than a medical issue.

hansel hansel
31-35, M
Feb 23, 2007