Possible Preventative Measure?

Okay I haven't done any in depth testing to find out if this is true but after reading Nanoo's entry (a few below mine) I have begun to wonder.

I changed my eating habits 6 months ago cutting out the majority of my dairy and refined sugar intake, increased the amount of water I drank a day to roughly 2 litres. Basically I just made my self have a more healthy diet. For the best part of these 6 months I've not seen hide nor hair of tonsil stones.

However in the last 3 weeks I've become lazy, slipping back into bad habits, eating more sugary things, drinking more milk and not having anywhere near the 2 litres of water. Lo and behold the stones are back... as a plus the reappearance of the horrible little things is incentive not to slip back into bad habits perminatley.

I would tell you how I get rid of them when they do occur, but personally I don't think anyone would really enjoy the description ;)
Crystalwings Crystalwings
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1 Response Feb 25, 2007

have you read marilou henners 30 day health makeover ???... she really is an inspiration ... i cant do the whole diet thing because i lose weight to easy but i love the other tips