Long Time Problem

I had my 1st Tonsillolith as an adolescent and then they sort of went away as far as I can remember until I was 21 years old and had a bad case of mono that made my tonsils swell to an unparalleled size.  Since then I have had them pretty much nonstop for the last 10 years.  A Doctor once refered to them as  Tracheal dandruff - which I never found on the internet.  They come and go in severity and the 1st sign that I have them is when my husband says “You must have the white things” because my breath is apparently so awful.  It is hard to tell when your own breath stinks, but he told me many years after we met that my breath was so bad when we met that he was not sure he could continue to date me.  Sure enough if I have bad breath and I poke around in the back of my throat I find some of these white balls.  It took me a while to figure out where they build up until one day I pulled back the flap of my throat that covers my tonsils and I found a whole colony of the little stinkers.  This is now the first place I look when I go digging for them with my q-tip. Amazing how even a tiny little one will make people avoid talking to me in close range.   Sometimes I do have them in plain sight in the side of my tonsil, but these always seem to be harder to extract.  Sometimes they will just poke out, but other times I have to wait for them to work their way closer to the surface – I swear they seem to be coming form within sometimes.  When I know I have an outbreak of them so to speak I dig at them daily (morning and night) and gargle with sugerfree/ alcohol free mouthwash when I am done.  This seems to have a quick effect on easing the bad breath.  They really do produce the worst smell (which I can smell once they are out).  I have noticed that if I eat gummy candy like sour apple rings or mike and ikes or anything like that that my mouth instantly tastes awful and my husband tells me my breath stinks so I don’t eat those things anymore.  There is a definite correlation to sugar. Chocolate and heavy beers have a similar result, but I can only give up so much!  I now have a waterpick that I am trying to get rid of them with, but worry that I cannot get them out from the back of my tonsils where they touch the back of my throat.  I have had pretty much every symptom that everyone describes on this page.  So you aren’t alone. 
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I know what you mean about them coming from within.. I used to see big ones in plain view on my tonsils.. Now i can either taste or try to smell my breath and know that they are lodged somewhere down my throat. Its even worse when you cant see them, i normally check with a flashlight every night, but apparently that does me no good anymore.

I know what you feel. It's a really debilitating condition; luckily for you, you have a husband. But for me, it prohibits me to be intimate with anyone... God, I wish they'd just go away... I can't even sit in a moviehouse close to someone...

wow...that sounds very difficult to cope with. I hope they find a cure!