I Freaked Out And Went to the Doctor

I just got tonsil stones for the first time in my life, at the age of 21.  I had no clue what was getting stuck in my throat, and being a particularly paranoid person in general, I went to see a doctor when the problem did not go away in two weeks.  I scheduled an appointment with a Otology, Laryngology, Rhinology doctor (ear, nose, and throat doctor).  The only solution he could offer me was to have my tonsils removed or to gargle diluted peroxide (half peroxide half water) as a method of prevention.  While I was at the office though, he did remove a tonsil stone I had at the time with a curette.  It came out in a second and I barely felt it.  When I googled the type of curette he used, the  fox dermal curette looked the closest.  Before I went to the doctor I had been cutting off the end of Q-tips to dig them out, but this caused bleeding in the crevice that had the stone.  The curette was painless and got the whole stone out in one try instead of in pieces (when I used a Q-tip).  I think they are pretty much impossible to find in stores, but there are some on ebay for sale.

12/9/06 So I tried buying a fox dermal curette on ebay.  It didn't work any better than a cut off Q-tip end and still cause bleeding.  I'm thinking I got the wrong curette or the doctor got it out so easily because he was just more skilled at it.  Getting my tonsils removed is starting to look appealing.

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1 Response Nov 30, 2006

I use a small pippette, the type found with ear drops. Take the teat off, put it on the other end leaving as much air space as possible and squeeze the air out.<br />
Place the larger, open end over the emerging tonsil stone and release the teat.<br />
With practice I can now suck the stone out in one piece without any poking, scraping or bleeding.<br />
Keep the pipette clean, and dry between uses and use antibacterial mouthwash to clean it before and after.