Walnuts of Death

I developed my first tonillolith when I was in Grad school. I was in the gym and I could feel something weird in the back of my throat. I'd eaten a handful of nuts just before I drove to the gym, so I thought a bit of nut had gotten stuck back there or something. I could feel it with my tongue. I tried and found I could also reach back with my finger and scrape bits off of it. It smelled like something had crawled into my tonsils and died.

Later on that day, I started feeling feverish. I went to the medical clinic and they diagnosed me with tonsilitis. While I was waiting for the doc to come back into the room, I got a mechanical pencil out of my back and poked around back there. What came out looked surprisingly like a walnut. But smelled like death. In hindsight it probably wasn't a good idea to stick a mechanical pencil into my tonsils.

Since then, I have developed tonsilloliths at varying rates. When I'm sick for any reason, my tonsils swell up and I become more prone to the little walnuts of death. For some reason, I can't help smelling them when they come out. Perverse, I know.

I went to see an ENT in Alabama (where I went to school) who said I could have my tonsils removed. Then I relocated to Florida and my new ENT wasn't nearly as understanding. He advised me to gargle after eating (which I don't do) and use a waterpik every now and again. I don't know if anyone here has used a waterpik before, but it isn't unlike the sensation of the aforementioned mechanical pencil.

So, really, I'm not sure what to do. I'm sure if I pressed my ENT he would let me have my tonsils removed. But I'm not sure if I want the pain, etc. for what is really an annoyance rather than a legitimate health problem.    

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1 Response Mar 21, 2007

Sounds yucky! I think I woul have it done if it made my breath smell but if it doesn't then I probably wouldn't bother - like you say it would be painful, ouch!