Got Em Too, Ewww

I'm not normally one to jump on bandwagons, but my tonsils have thrown me to the wolves so to speak.  I too like most of you noticed these little white buggers as a teenager, but they went away for many years.  As a teen I became lactose intolerent and my dairy intake decreased dramatically.  Recently I began taking lactose supplements, thus increasing my dairy intake and guess what has returned?  My little stinky friends.

I've raged war on these tonsil stones for the past three months only to be defeated time and time again.  I've spent hours in the mirror with combative aids such as salt water, peroxide, water piks, q tips, and my trusty fingers.  Each battle the same.  I start full of energy, my mind racing full of new ideas how to defeat this enemy.  Then I grow tired after only getting in a few licks (getting out a few pieces).  There I would stand in the mirror defeated, eyes full of tears (from gaging) and drooling.

My solution my not work for all of you, but I have found that the tool of choice for me is a plaque brush.  The same brush used to remove plaque from between the teeth.  I have to admit it doesn't sound like the greatest tool to use on your tonsils, but it removes those little buggers like a magnet to metal.  What I didn't realize with q tips is that I was actually removing the stones only pieces.  I was actually shoving them down into the pockets.  The stones would end up returning normally the following morning to greet me. 

If you decide to use the brush becareful.  I was a little too excited with the idea at first.  I ended up shoving the whole thing into my tonsil pocket, bad idea.  First take the pull the bristles down with your fingers, then I normally apply a little peroxide.  I only place the brush a little way into the pocket and then I pull out my little treasure.  I say again becareful if you use this method.  I've cut down the amount of time I play with these little creatures to 5 mins every two weeks compared to the daily 30 mins to an hour I used to spend.  I hope this helps someone and if not perhaps it was a little entertaining.  Take care and wage war!

31-35, M
1 Response Mar 29, 2007

Brillilant idea! I'll try it the next time I get one. I've also been using a small plastic syringe filled with salt water. I got one when I had my wisdom teeth out (dry socket - VERY bad!) Anyway, it really comes in handy with these bad boys. Cheers!