Now My Son Has Them Too!

I'm so glad I found this site. I have been driven mad by these horrible little balls of pong for years, as has my Mother. My Husband has never experienced them, and no one else I know has ever mentioned them. 
Now my Son who's almost 5 has them too and I am at a loss as to how get rid of them for him! I've tried getting hime to gargle with plain water to just see if he could do it, but he ends up swallowing it. If I try and use a cotton bud (Q tip) he gags and starts coughing. I think he's rather young to have these? He has, from what I can see, three large ones all in a row, about an inch in length in total. I feel a trip to the Doctor's may be in order.
Some of your stories have made me laugh and I'm glad I've found others with the same problem.
Grasshopper Grasshopper
31-35, F
Apr 15, 2007