I Experience This Too....

I just read that only 5% of the population experiences Tonsilloliths so I am glad I came across this board!!!  I can't exactly remember when I starting getting this but it doesn't happen all that often.  Once in a great while but within the last month I've had 2 cases where I had the "white balls" on the back of my throat.  At the very beginning I also thought it was just food and not until this weekend did I really give it much though. I saw 2 of these things in the back of my throat and thought "thats it, I need to google this!!".  Sure enough I came across this site and wikipedia and finally I had an answer!!!

I tried getting them out myself but didn't have any luck.  I then bought some Target Mouthwash/gargle.  I gargled yesterday (Sunday) and this morning they were gone.  I hope I bought the right kind of mouthwash because it said to get non-alchohol/non-sugar.  I will have to check my bottle when I get home.
celicacutie celicacutie
26-30, F
Apr 16, 2007