Feel Like "Something" Stuck In My Throat

I am 57 years old and just had my first bout with tonsil stones.  I had no idea what that thing was stuck on the side of my tonsil, but removed it with a Q-tip. Then about a week later the feeling came back and there was another one. When I removed it, I could see another "white thing" was under it.  In all I dug out about 15 or so of these things each smaller than the one before it.  Of course, all that digging and poking caused some bleeding.  Since I already had an appointment with the doctor for a bladder infection, I mentioned this to him also.  He told me "cryptic tonsil" and said the only permanent course of action-have your tonsils removed.  I do not know if at my age that is the best course of action, but then as I get older a tonsilectomy will only be harder on me than now.  I guess I am between a "tonsil stone and a hard place" so to speak.  Manual removal of the stones is not a very pleasant experience, and I worry that I might damage my tonsils even further or cause some type of infection by all that poking around. 

After reading everyone else's experiences, I do not feel that it is something I have to make an immediate decission on-in other words, not a life or death problem...just a pain in the neck!


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3 Responses Apr 16, 2007

If you use a currette, which is a tool to remove acne, it is a lot easier than using a Q-Tip. You actually put the loop into the crevice to remove the stone. There is no pushing out the stones if you use one of these.

My tonsil has a deep "pocket" in which the stones hide until it fills to overflowing. The only way I know when there is a stone(s) is when I feel like something is stuck in my throat. This is very new to me. From what I have read, some people have "pockets" in which stones can hide and form, some people have "craters", some have "cracks" or "gullies", etc.

You said that you removed some and that there were about 15 more. I just had 2 (side by side) this weekend and they went away on their own. Now, if I look at my tonsils they are just fleshy pink (normal?). If there were more stones would they be noticeable or are they very deep and I just won't see them until they surface?