I May Be On to a Reason and a Cure...

I had my first one when I was in 5th grade.  I remember sitting on my bed, and I coughed one up.  For some reason, it didn't freak me out.  I just got a mirror and a flashlight and checked it out.  I saw something off-white poking out of my tonsils.  Then I opened up a barrette and fished the off-white curd out of my tonsil.  Now, I am 37, and sometimes I wonder what the sum total volume of what I have fished out would be.  Maybe a cup?  Who knows?  Anyway, they have been bothering me a lot lately, so I started pestering both my allergist and my general practitioner.  Both said that they are a combination of mucous drainage, bacteria, and maybe some food.  I thought that maybe it would be a good idea to get my tonsils out, because I am sick and tired of the pain, the digging, and these things seem to make my ears itch, too.  However, the ear itching could be related to the hundreds of allergies I endure.

I thought I would take a look at the Internet to see what others thought about taking the tonsils out as a cure to persistent tonsil pain.  Some of what I saw made me more open to the idea of pursuing alternative or holistic therapies before removing my tonsils.  Some sites said that removing one's tonsils creates an imbalance in the body that cannot be rectified.  This concerns me.

Yesterday, I stumbled on a site that had all these testimonials about a product called Colonix, an intestinal 3-month cleansing regime.  The site is complete with pictures of all of the horrible ropes of horror that folks push out of their bodies.  As I read and visited other sites, I learned that some holistic therapists believe that persistent tonsilitis, and also tonsil stones, are caused by an imbalance in eliminations and issues within the intestinal tract.  Considering how many antibiotics I have taken during my life, this reasoning sounds plausible.

I ended up ordering 3 months of these herbs and accompanying intestinal flora and fauna pills.  After all, I believe that the only thing I have to lose at this point is the money I will be spending on the herbs.  Just think of what I could do with all of that time I spend digging in my tonsils.  I could probably volunteer a good 48 hours a year with all of the reclaimed time!

Here are someways I have removed these stones:  The most successful tools I have used are bobby pins and pimple extractor loops.  If you are at work and cannot concentrate, because you have one of these cauliflower curds, unravel a paperclip and flip out the offending stench creator.  Spit it out and then enjoy the relief.  Q-Tips will work for pushing the tonsil or if the stone is hanging out enough that the dry cotton will dislodge the fetid lump from the tonsil.  Usually, when this is done, coughing it out, much like a cat coughs up a hairball, will bring it to the front of your mouth.  I have been successful in NEVER knowingly swallowing one of these smelly boogers.

When I was in 7th or 8th grade, I made the grave mistake of trying to flush out my tonsil with a waterpik.  A lightening jolt of pain shot through my entire side and paralyzed me for a few seconds.  I thought I was going to pass out!  That was undoubtedly one of the stupidest things I ever did in my entire life.  Maybe the power was on too high, because lots of sufferers use waterpicks to take these out.  Anyway, I find that digging with something that has a loop on it is the most helpful.

I have tried pushing on my tonsils with the opposite end of my toothbrush, but nothing has ever come of that technique.  My fingers are too short to reach all the way back there.  I think that the crypts are really, really deep on me.  I estimate that they are at least half an inch deep.  I'd love to have something with some suction on it, so I could put a tube in a crypt and vacuum it out.  I tried something like this today with a baby snot squeegy.  I squeezed the air out of the bulb, put the nozzle in a few crypts, and slowly allowed it to expand.  I got a few tiny pieces out of one crypt that I thought was empty.  I needs something like what the dental hygenist uses to suction out saliva.  I am fantisizing about that now!

Another thing that concerns me about removing my tonsils is that they are a part of the lymphatic system.  If this tonsil trash is emminating, even partially, from the inside of my tonsil, and this is how my body is ridding itself of some toxic sludge, I do not want to remove this avenue as an option for my body.  If I do remove this option for ridding toxins, then I reason that the nastiness will either stay in my body and cause me more issues, or it will be forced to eliminate itself through some other means.  My point is that our bodies are creating this sludge for some reason, and I believe it can be remedied.  I definitely do believe that this is the body's way of coping with something that is wrong within us.

My Colonix herbs should arrive during the last week in April, so I will be able to test my poor elimination theory.  Actually, I am kinda excited about this!

UPDATE:  I underwent a treatment of an herbal colon cleanse, and I have not had a single once since!  Perhapsthere is some sort of intestinal toxin - tonsil connection.  Hmmmmmm....what do you think?

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Update: I had the honeycomb network removed from my sinuses in my cheeks and my forehead in 2010. You can look in my nose and see my Eustachian tube. I haven't had a single stone since the surgery