It Sucks and Now I Have It Again

I got my first yucky smelly stone when I was 13. I am now 19.

I had tonsillectomy last September and I felt OK.

However today I coughed out another one!

The funny thing is that before surgery, it was relatively hard

to pick them out. Today it was so easy and it didn't break like it used to.

It is so annoying that it hurts to think that I went through a painful surgery ( I had only a portion of my tonsils removed so that I could have topical anesthesia rather than general anesthesia) for nothing!!!

Do I have to go through another surgery?

It bothers me so much.

People around me never told me that I had bad breath(maybe they are all hiding it from me) but I, myself cannot endure the odor and the feeling like something is caught up in my neck back there.

And I never heard of anyone I know who has tonsilloliths... which is sooo weird!

Are they just too embarrased to admit that they have it?

whattheheaven whattheheaven
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2 Responses Apr 24, 2007

do you still get these?

I just don't think this is a topic that usually comes up in conversation. I am sorry you got another one after undergoing surgery. Maybe you could gargle salt water or use oxidizing mouthwash. It's great that it came out easily, though. What a pain! Why do we have to have these things!