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I've had this problem ever since i can remember, i have memories as a small child hacking up those smelly balls. 

My doctors didn't know what was wrong, some said it was food, others allergies.  Finally, last year, I googled the description and alas all my questions were answered (the visuals confirmed, and grossed me out)!

I am now 30 and it bothers me daily although I don't see anything for weeks.  My inner ear itches like crazy too.  To relieve the itching I make the most annoyingly loud noise, i'm not even sure how to describe it.  Kind of close my hangy ball to my tongue and and make a KAHHHHHHH noise, then i move my tongue to press up against one side of my tonsil to relieve the itch and to try to project the stone out.  It works. Sometimes. 

My other method of extractions is quieter, until i combine the two!. Please be careful if you try.  I use toothpicks to try to fish the stone out, but i have to be careful otherwise its very sharp and i could poke my tonsil and believe me it hurts. 

I can't imagine being elderly and trying to fish it out with a toothpick and trembling hands.  I really wish someone would research this problem more.  I don't know anyone else who has this problem except for members of my fathers family.  My dad didn't have it but his some of his siblings did. Both me and my sister have this problem.  My brothers dont.  Lucky ducks.  I believe its genetics as I did not grow up near my uncles and aunts who had it, nor for that matter did I grow up with my sister. 

I am considering removing my tonsils as I am tired of the constant battle with my throat and ears. 

Hope there is a "CURE" soon.

stonequeen stonequeen
26-30, F
1 Response Apr 25, 2007

Haha!!! my husband says it makes sound like a piggie when i make those noises!! i know exactly what you're talking about!!! The only thing thing that makes the "itch" go away is flonase or nasonex... really. It works!!